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Venture 600 Combo Click Photo for Enlargement

Are your live chops suffering ‘cause you’re held hostage by the size of your rig? Are you house-bound on jam night ‘cause you can’t justify renting a U-Haul to go out and have a little fun? Or worse …are you standing in front of a monolith and still don’t have great tone?
  If any of these have been robbing you of your musical inspiration, we’ve got the fix: the new M-Pulse Venture 600. That’s right, six-hundred watts! The most bass power you’ll find on wheels.
This fortress-of-fundamental is powered by the same revolutionary Simul-State™ design as the M-Pulse 600. Simul-State is our proprietary architecture combining the musicality of tubes used throughout the pre-amp and driver, with the accurate muscle of our custom power MOS FETs for horsepower and headroom.
Feeding this power is the four-stage, all-tube pre-amp linked to a comprehensive array of tone controls, a five-band parametric EQ and a compressor --all breathing life into any player’s style. Also included are a parallel FX Loop with Mix control, a balanced XLR Direct Out, and a Slave Out with its own Level control. A four-button foot-switch controls the Loop, EQ, Compression and the Solo features.
The twelve-ply, void-free Baltic Birch cabinet is tuned and ported to insure tight sub-lows, focused mids and angelic highs in a surprisingly light package. This premiere quality cabinetry is fitted with our powerful and intuitive PLAYER CONTROL NETWORK™ which features a user selectable crossover range of 3K, 4K or 5K and a rotary HF Attenuator - allowing you to blend in just the right amount of the exact right frequency you need for any given style.

Two custom-designed, full range high-power Neo 12’s keep the weight down and deliver a smooth, beautiful curve - rich and warm in the lows, yet without the holes in the mids and lower highs so often present in this genre of amplifier. This is where TONE lives, and a sweet blend of these powerful frequencies are essential in defining your role as leader in the time domain.

This 2x12 format works its own special blend of magic while creating a footprint big enough to cover all but the largest venues. When you get the big gig, don’t worry…the mighty 600 watt Simul-State power section you’re packin’ has more than enough steam to add extension cabs for large or outdoor venues.

When the gig is over and you’re late to the afterparty, the convenient Tilt N’ Roll™ Tilt-Back Transport System let’s you make time on the load-out with the Ventures’ super-tough recessed wheels and roll-bar industrial strength handle. 
So don’t put up with bass bulk or anemic bottom any longer. Venture out with the baddest self-contained bass sound on wheels. ‘Cause remember: if you ain’t rollin’ with tone…you just ain’t rollin’!

Mesa MPulse 5-button footswitch

The NEW M-Pulse 5 button footswitch with footswitchable mute.


Handbuilt in
Petaluma, California

600 Watts @ 4 Ohms (320 @ 8), Simul-State ™ Power / 8 Tube Driven Power MOSFET’s, 2x12AX7

Active/Passive Input Switch

4 Stage Vacuum Tube Preamplifier with Gain, Active Bass & Treble, Passive Mid and Footswitchable 5-Band Semi Parametric EQ that provides 15db of cut or boost from 30Hz to 12KHz

Footswitchable Compressor with Independent Threshold and Ratio Controls

Main Output Level Control

Footswitchable Solo Level
Control – Patent 6,724,897

Footswitchable Parallel FX Loop with Mix Control

Balanced Line Out with Pre/Post Switch

Bass Tuner Output with Footswitchable Mute

2 - 1/4” Speaker Output Jacks

Slave Out w/Level Control

Fan Cooled

5 Button Footswitch (Parametric EQ, Compressor, Solo, FX Loop & Mute)

Player Control™ Network featuring: Selectable 3-point Crossover (3k/4k/5k),
Premium Horn Attenuator & Instant Reset Horn Protection

Black Bronco (standard) with Silver Grille

Slip Cover

Available as:

*2x12 Combo (Width 22 in)
• Tri-Port • Player Control • PH Neo 300 Speakersl • Tilt & Roll Transport • 4 Ohm


Above model come standard at 4 ohms for max output, combo use only - 8 ohm versions are available upon request at no extra cost for use with a second extension cab. Please qualify the application and specify the appropriate impedance.

Optional Custom Finishes: Please Visit our Custom Design Gallery

Venture 2x12 Combo

This 2x12 Venture Combo features a sealed back, tri-ported cabinet and now include our versatile Player Control Network. Cabinet is constructed using our same rugged 12 ply void-free birch and comes standard with our Tilt & Roll™ Transport System.

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DISCLAIMER: In the interest of continuous improvement, all specifications are subject to change without notice. To guarantee correct fit on custom ordered cases & covers, MESA recommends that customers make personal measurements of their cabinets, after they have been received. MESA provides these measurements as a general reference only, without guarantee or liability.

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