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Take a look under the hood and see why
some amps are built to be keepers
Closeup photo of corner of metal chassis

Our  thick, 16 gauge chassis steel is fully formed up into a strong box shape, hand welded at the joints and protected with a baked on powder coat finish. Contrast this with today's typical amp

chassis: Thin sheet metal bent to a flimsy U-shape. No sides, no welding, no painting...just plastic decals front and back. In short, built like a modern kitchen appliance.

closeup of tube sockets in chassis

Each Boogie uses porcelain tube sockets with silver plated contacts throughout. These expensive sockets are hand-crafted from military tooling we restored,  and 

are available to us alone. They cost more than the plastic sockets commonly used but they are virtually impervious to moisture or damage caused by tube failure.

Flying Leads on green circuit board with red capacitors and multi-color wiring

Our "flying lead" wiring technique combines the best of  both printed-circuit and point-to-point construction. For each amp to have the magic,

exacting and consistent placement of signal paths and components is crucial. Many parts, however don't belong on the circuit board and for these parts - controls, transformers,

high voltage sockets - our flying leads are equivalent to point-to-point.  But by originating from the board, they can be short and consistent.

Maximum closeup of blue capacitors and on board surge protector

Every Mesa/Boogie is protected from damaging spikes by an on-board Varistor surge protector. Common sense protection that few amp builders include.

Closeup of speaker baffle board

Mesa Cabinets use void-free, 14 ply birch throughout...
no particle board! Our speaker baffle boards are dadoed permanently into the cabinet structure for .

superior strength and resonance. This means we must use a separate board for mounting the grille where most manufacturers get away with a single removable board for both.

Gorgeous photo of three Mesa amps showing matched grain and dovetail joints

Let us build you an exotic hardwood cabinet to house the amp of your dreams! We lay out each cabinet on one board to ensure continuous matched grain around the

dovetailed corners. The natural oil finish is hand - rubbed over many days produce a rich luster. Tougher than they look, these beauties age

gracefully and sound amazing!

View into back of amp to see Footswitch Bag

All Mesa/Boogies use speakers customized for TONE! You'd be surprised how much ordinary speakers suffer from penny-pinching on the production line.

Thoughtful touches - like our footswitch pouch - will keep you smiling for years.

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