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Mark 4 Testimonial from Greg N. }


Mark 4 Combo, Custom option finish: maple wood & wicker grille

Mark IV Combo, shown in Custom Options Finish:
Maple Wood & Wicker Grille
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Legendary in performance, these giant killers continue the legacy that first defined Mesa/Boogie®. Their compact size, stunning power and ultimate versatility have served legions of proud owners who see the Mark IV™ as the culmination of guitar amp evolution. The fifty thousand Mark I, II, III and IVs still in active duty are testament to this heritage.

Three Big Sounds …with individual control and total conviction: Rhythm 1 feels bouncy and shimmers with freshness. The Lead Mode is blistering high-gain focus. And Rhythm 2 covers that elusive middle ground. This mode alone can produce an alternate Clean, a purring Blues or a grinding Crunch.

All this and the elusive magic of Simul-Class® …our patented way of enriching a power section. Think of it as two different power amps working simul-taneously. One extracts the juice of Class A sweetness while the other delivers the high power punch of Pentode Class AB.

Custom Option: Wood & Wicker Combo on matching speaker cab Mark IV Stack
Custom Options Finish
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Available as a 22 inch Wide Body head or as a combo with a rear mounted Celestion custom C-90, the Mark IV pushes a big, articulate vintage voice.

Bursting on the scene to wide acclaim in 1990, the Mark IV is still one of our most popular models and the winner of numerous awards world-wide. This kind of longevity validates the Mark IV’s position as a modern classic and an instrument you will treasure. It will reward you for the countless hours you’ve invested in your playing and will support your musical goals for years to come.

“You know how a great instrument can make you play over your head? The Mark IV gave us this transcendental experience.”

“It delivers luscious clean tones, intense high-gain saturation, and everything in between.”

Andy Ellis - Guitar Player - May 1991

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Mark IV

Handbuilt in Petaluma, California

85 Watts, Simul-Class™ Power / 4x6L6, 5x12AX7

Fixed Bias for Consistent, Maintenance Free Performance

3 Channels w/Independent Gain & Master Controls (Rhythm I, Rhythm II & Lead)

Independent Treble & Presence Controls for Rhythm I & II (Bass & Mid combined)

Fully Independent EQ for Lead Channel (Bass, Mid, Treble & Presence)

Multi-Stage “Cascading Gain” Lead Channel (Lead Gain + Lead Drive)

Lead Voicing Switch (Mid Gain/Harmonics)

Pull Fat (Rhythm II & Lead Channel)

Pull Bright (Rhythm I & Lead)

Pull Shift Presence Controls (Rhythm II & Lead)

Assignable 5 Band Graphic EQ

Assignable FX Loop

Slave Out w/Level Control

Spring Reverb

Output Level Control (over all channels)

Full Power/Tweed “Variac” Switch

Simul-Class/Class A Switch

Pentode/Triode Switch

Record Out w/Level Control

Silent Record Mute Switch (Pull Output Level)

Fan Cooled

External Switching Input

6 Button Footswitch (Rhythm I, Rhythm II, Lead, Lead+EQ, EQ (Graphic) & FX Loop)

Slip Cover

Mark IV

Short Head (Width 18-3/4 inches)

Rackmount Head

Medium Head (Width 22-½ inches)

1x12 Widebody Combo • C90 Speaker • Casters

1x12 Compact Combo • C90 Speaker • Casters

External Switching Jacks

External Switching Jacks allow triggering of all major functions from any remote tip-to-ring switcher including midi controllers. Click to Enlarge.

Mark 4 Effects Loop

Effects Loop operates manually or can be auto-assigned to any one -or two, modes. Rich, all-tube reverb can also be remotely controlled. Click to Enlarge.

Recording Out provides a fully compensated, variable signal level and teams up with the front panel’s Speaker Mute switch built into the Output control.

Power Amp Voicing switches tune the style and feel of your output stage. Select Triode for resilient vintage warmth or Pentode for punchy forward power. Choose Class A for two-tube operation, where clip begins around 15 watts, or Simul-Class for 85 watts of blended magic.

Self-Contained Footswitch conveniently mounts to rear of combo for easy transport.

Mark 4 Footswitch

Six Button Footcontroller gives you instant access to four modes, Graphic EQ & the FX Loop. Click to Enlarge.

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DISCLAIMER: In the interest of continuous improvement, all specifications are subject to change without notice. To guarantee correct fit on custom ordered cases & covers, MESA recommends that customers make personal measurements of their cabinets, after they have been received. MESA provides these measurements as a general reference only, without guarantee or liability.

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