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Mark 1 Re-Issue with Imbuya wood and wicker grille

Mark I Combo, shown in Custom Options Finish:
Imbuya Wood with Wicker Grille

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In the anthropology of amplifiers, the Mark I™ is the missing link, the transitional brain-child which bridged the vintage and modern eras. In truth, the Mark I is both: Plugging into Input 2 reveals an amp wholly faithful to its classic roots, producing a big, clean, shimmering rhythm sound. Up until then, this was simply all that amps could do. Chronologically, this was the BG era of guitar amplification: Before Gain.

Mark 1 Combo Guitar Amplifier, Snakeskin Custom Options Finish
Mark 1,
Custom Options Finish: Snake Skin
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But recognizing the guitar’s latent potential as a solo instrument, the Mark I unearthed the Bone Tone, a discovery of historic importance:

High Gain. Here for the first time was solo enhancement from the amplifier that produced a lead voice of singing sustain for guitar. This challenged the saxophone as the lead instrument in rock and signified Day One of the new AD calendar: After Distortion.

Carlos Santana, Larry Carlton, Robben Ford, Eric Johnson, Keith Richards and Pete Townshend all helped catapult this new guitar sound into the international spotlight. Despite the flood of orders and relentless offers to buy the company, Mesa refused to sell out and chose instead to remain true to its founding principles: Quality without Compromise and Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction. From the garage shop at home, just under 3,000 amps were built and shipped to 39 countries world-wide.

Thirty years later the Mark I we hand-build today is a faithful reissue of the original. The only differences are a variable gain Loop, which switches out of the circuit when FX are removed, and Tweed™ Power which works like a built-in Variac, lowering overall voltages to produce a softer, brown vibe.

The Mark I reissue is available in its most popular format, the fabled Hun/Ree (hundred watts with reverb) and can be ordered as either a head or a traditional small-size C90 speaker. This is the amp that put Mesa/Boogie on the map. Frozen in time, it’s still alive today. So if you missed it the first time around, don’t worry: History repeats itself.


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Mark I Re-Issue

Handbuilt in the USA

100 Watts, Class A/B Power / 4x6L6, 4x12AX7, 1x12AT7

Half Power Switch (100/60 Watt Power Switch)

Fixed Bias for Consistent, Maintenance Free Performance

Two Inputs, 2 Modes (Input 1=Original Multi-Stage “Cascading” Gain Circuit through Volume 1 & 2; Input 2=Normal Gain through Volume 2 only)

Spring Reverb

Full Power/Tweed “Variac” Switch

FX Loop w/Level Control

Slave Out w/Level Control

Slip Cover

Mark I Re-Issue

Head (Width 18- 3/4 inches)

1x12 Combo • C90 Speaker

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DISCLAIMER: In the interest of continuous improvement, all specifications are subject to change without notice. To guarantee correct fit on custom ordered cases & covers, MESA recommends that customers make personal measurements of their cabinets, after they have been received. MESA provides these measurements as a general reference only, without guarantee or liability.

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