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Since the introduction of the V-Twin floor preamp, we've had requests for a pedal with a great tube overdrive sound that could be used to expand older vintage amps or enhance any Mesa amp with an additional lead mode. Well, light the fuse and stand back...the V-1 Bottle Rocket™ will light up your black knight with smooth, smoldering Gain.

Whether it's subtle, touch-sensitive overdrive, a gob of gooey gain or red-hot clean signal to slam your favorite amp's input stage...V-1 gives your sound a serious dosing of Tone. The simple four control layout lets you crank, shape and meter the exact amount of fat, liquid gain produced by the 4 triodes doing the dirty work, snug in their stage-proof bunker, and safe from a stray-foot sortie.

And to insure the host amp's purity when you're not lighting things up with the V-1, we use a relay to hard-bypass your guitar right through two jacks. This means no sacrifice of your original tone...unlike many overdrive devices that compromise tone even when they're switched off.

So whether you're updating the past or expanding your horizons, the V-1's super-responsive, thick, lush gain will turn any amplifier into an accurate instrument of expression - capable of zeroing in right on target for your solos, So link-up, light-up and blow!

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V-1 Bottle Rocket Rear Panel
Rear Panel Enlargement


Handbuilt in the USA


1 Channel of Pure Vacuum Tube Overdrive/Distortion from Input to Output

Gain, Master, Bass and Treble Control

True Bypass Switch

Available as:

V-1 Bottle Rocket Overdrive Pedal

Optional Gig Bag • V-1 Bottle Rocket or V-Twin • Shoulder Strap


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