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Stiletto Ace Combo

Introducing the NEW
Stiletto ACE
® Amplifier
from Mesa Engineering

Prepare to be SHOCKED! We were. Still are. Because sometimes, things come together in a way that exceeds all hopes and plans. That’s certainly the case with our newest Stiletto®… it rocks so hard it’s guaranteed to ACE your expectations as well.

Take the Combo. (please!) Only once before has so much performance been this portable… and that was 35 years ago with the introduction of the first Boogie® Combo. What that amp did for the American Rock scene, the ACE promises to do for the British legacy. Make it versatile. Keep it powerful. Let it be portable.

Players have come to expect a great clean sound in every MESA amp, and theStiletto ACE® delivers in spades. Cleans like you’ve never heard before from an EL34 amp. Chiming transparent clarity riding atop warm breathing lows, and all this 3-D magic is delivered with stunning dynamic attack.

Because classic English Rock sounds are neither totally clean nor inherently high gain, we’ve fitted duplicate CRUNCH modes in both Channels 1 and 2. For the player who has no use for pristine clean, this mid gain mode roams the wooly landscape from nearly clean to a punchy snarling break-up.

Just before these classic sounds end, Channel 2 begins its journey into high gain realms no British amp ever dared. TITE GAIN blisters with searing heat while maintaining articulate focus. FLUID DRIVE bumps the gain and liquefies the attack to inspire your single note soloing to a new level of freedom.

Combining this new, more aggressive preamp with the brighter, faster feel of the Ace’s fifty watt power, creates a Stiletto that cuts with more depth and finesse than any of its English counterparts. Even veteran tone snobs need to check this amp.

We’ve also included our patented Switchable Rectifier® feature that allows you to tune the power supply for the feeling that best suits your style - Tube for a vintage-inspired sag or Silicon Diodes for tight tracking punch and authority.

With shocking low end that’s tight and percussive, ACE Combos Rule! Crunch you’d swear is coming from a 4x12, with top-end openness that blooms and enhances clean sounds, the Ace may be the ultimate combo… redefining portable EL34 Tone! Also available as a 50 watt head.

So stack the deck with the ultimate Brit-inspired Tone, hand-made right here in Petaluma, California. Deal yourself in…’cause the Ace lays down a handful of fresh tricks no amp from the Kingdom ever dared to play.

Stiletto Ace Head
Stiletto Ace® Head
Shown in standard dress: Black Taurus & Black Grille
CLICK for enlargement
Stiletto Ace, Fat-Clean-Crunch switchesEach Channel contains 3 Modes:
Channel 1
focuses on rhythm sounds with the big warmth of FAT CLEAN or the urgent attack of TITE CLEAN, while CRUNCH hits hard with mid-gain for the ultimate British chording sound.

Channel 2 starts with a duplicate of Channel 1 CRUNCH - selecting Tube Rectification here creates an awesome solo sound. An infusion of tube juice creates the blistering high-gain focus of TITE GAIN and another shot unleashes the liquid soul of FLUID DRIVE.
Stiletto Ace, Channel 1 & Channel 2 SwitchesPatented Switchable Rectifier® feature enables you to select the type of rectification for each channel. Use the tight-tracking punch of the DIODE setting for maximum headroom in either Clean mode or more aggression in CRUNCH and use the elastic sag of TUBE for ultimate expression in TITE GAIN or FLUID DRIVE for lead sounds.
Stiletto Ace, Power Standby switchBold/Spongy Power located on the main AC Power switch provides a reduced line voltage setting for additional power sag and enhanced top end harmonic content.
Front Panel location allows on-the-fly selection of incoming line voltage with the full 117 volts for headroom and authority or a reduced voltage setting (like a built-in Variac) for a vintage-inspired brown vibe.
Stiletto Ace combo Front Panel enlargement
Stiletto Ace® Combo
Front Panel

Click for Enlargement
Stiletto Ace Rear Shot
Stiletto Ace® Combo
Rear Panel

Click for Enlargement

Stiletto ACE® Amplifier

Handbuilt in Petaluma, California
(as are all of our products)

50 Watts, Class A/B Power / 2xEL-34, 5x12AX7, 1x5U4

Fixed Bias for Consistent, Maintenance
Free Performance

2 Fully Independent Channels with 6 Modes (Channel 1 = Fat Clean, Tite Clean or Crunch (Cloning Channel 2), Channel 2 = Crunch, Tite Gain or Fluid Drive)

Channel Assignable Dual Rectification with Recto Tracking™ (Diode or Tube Tracking – Patents 5,168,438 & 7,193,458)

Independent Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass, Presence & Master Controls per Channe

Bold/Spongy “Variac” Switch (Patent 5,091,700)

Output Level Control (over all channels when activated)

Solo Level Control – Patent 6,724,897 (over all channels when activated)

Fully Buffered FX Loop with Send Level Control (over all channels when activated)

True “Hard” Bypass
Switch that removes FX Loop, Output Level & Solo Level Controls from signal path

Slave Out with Level Control

Fan Cooled (combos only)

External Switching Jacks for Channels 1, 2 & Solo


2 Button Footswitch (Channel 1/2 & Solo)

Slip Cover

Stiletto ACE® Amplifier FORMATS

Choice of:
Emerald Bronco & Tan Grille OR Black Taurus & Black Grille

Head (Width 26-3/4in)

1x12 Closed Back Combo • Fan Cooled • V30 Speaker • Casters

2x12 Closed Back Combo • Fan Cooled • V30 Speakers • Casters

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Mesa Engineering


DISCLAIMER: In the interest of continuous improvement, all specifications are subject to change without notice. To guarantee correct fit on custom ordered cases & covers, MESA recommends that customers make personal measurements of their cabinets, after they have been received. MESA provides these measurements as a general reference only, without guarantee or liability.

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