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Welcome, and thank you for visiting MESA/Boogie's International Service Guide.....

(Note: this information is for customers that do NOT live in the USA or Canada)

As an International customer of MESA/Boogie, we want to ensure that you receive the high level of customer service that you rightly expect from us. We've spent many years building up a network of World-Class Distributors and Dealers to help you out, should you have a problem.

Therefore, if you do feel you need assistance please ensure that you follow the method below. This will offer the shortest and easiest route to getting help.

1. Call the MESA/Boogie Dealer that you purchased your amplifier from. They could well take care of your problem in a matter of moments and should have supplies of tubes, fuses etc. These issues are something easily taken care of.

2. If your dealer is unable to help, call the Authorized MESA/Boogie Distributor in your country (you can find their details on our site). They have the technical staff and experience to assist, and also have all of the resources of MESA/Boogie's engineers at their disposal. It is very rare that they will be unable to help you.

3. If you still unable to get the assistance you require or you feel you
have a problem that the Distributor cannot resolve, contact us directly by
sending an e-mail to, but ONLY if you have tried both previous routes.

Any International communications we receive are automatically sent through
to the relevant Distributor, and will in turn (if necessary) be sent to the
dealer your product came from if they have not been previously contacted, so
you can certainly save yourself a lot of time by going to the right person
in the first place. We get hundreds of e-mails, faxes and letters from all
over the world every week (which we sincerely appreciate!) and we will
endeavor to reply to every single one, but you can help us to serve you
better by following our guidelines. It is very important to note that we
will not reply directly to you unless you have already spoken to your Dealer
and Distributor.

If you live in a country without an Authorized MESA/Boogie Distributor (there is only one in each country) then please contact us directly and we will help you.

Your MESA/Boogie product is covered under a warranty, which
is provided by your country's Authorized MESA/Boogie Distributor.
If you purchase or use any of our products outside the market they were
intended for, use a step-up or step-down transformer or tamper with the
product in any way, your warranty will immediately be invalidated and all
repairs (parts and labor) will be your responsibility. Each repair is
checked by serial number and under no circumstances will we provide warrantyto anyone who has purchased their amplifier outside of their home market.

For exact warranty terms & conditions for your country, please contact your Authorized MESA/Boogie Distributor. If you live in a country without an Authorized MESA/Boogie Distributor, please contact us directly for sales and/or service on any of our products.

Thank you for your interest and support of MESA/Boogie Ltd.
We look forward to serving you!

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