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Name of Invention Patent Number
Original Lead/Rhythm Dual Mode Amplifier 4,211,893
Simul-Class™ Power Amp 4,532,476
Simul-Class™ Power Amp 4,593,251
Lead/Rhythm Dual Mode Amplifier (Simplified) 4,701,957
Dyna-Watt™ Power Amp 4,713,624
Tweed & Spongy Power - Mains Voltage Reduction 5,091,700
Selectable Dual Rectifier® 5,168,438
TriAxis™ Preamp – Programmable Midi Control of 8 Tube Modes 5,208,548
Progressive Linkage™ - Variable Power Tube Power Section 5,559,469
Parallel FX Loop with Mix Control 6,522,752
Mute Circuit 6,621,907
Solo Control – Pre-settable, Footswitchable Volume Boost 6,724,897
Duo-Class™ Power - Switchable Push-Pull / Single-Ended Power Amp


Recto Tracking™ - Auto-matches Rectifier Type to Power Amp 7,193,458
Presence Control for Guitar Amp


Channel-Assignable Multi-Watt™Technology 7,602,927
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